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RE-NOMAD: Research Nomad

Multidisciplinary Art and Research

since 2015 

beginning under the name Artengine8 


since 2022

partnering with Queen's university

we support a variety of inter- and transdisciplinary art creation and non-traditional research efforts.


we explore the ways digital media changes and expands artistic expression, creative experience and storytelling conventions. 

we are mainly based in Canada and South Korea, collaborating with members in Australia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.



Hobin Kim 

co-founder / manager

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Dr Jaegeun Lee

research director

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Dr Sojung Bahng

founder / director 

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Joonghee Soh 


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staff members


Dr Gabriel Menotti

curatorial studies 

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fellows (Queen's)


Dr Mike Lukaszuk

sonic arts

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Jung-Ah Kim

film & media arts

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Dr Jeongseob Lee 

digital performance

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Minseok Do

3D metaverse

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Aiden Hatcher 

multimedia art

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Dr Lim Kok Yoong 

new-media art 

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Jehyun Shin 

contemporary art 

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Ji Yun Park 

experimental cinema

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fellows (artengine8)

Dr Eugenia S. Kim
digital embodiment 
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Dr Nina Rajcic
physics / AI art
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Harim Choi 

music composition

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Wonseok Choi 

creative engineer  




Jongbin Kim 

ux design 

Dr Seokpyo Hong
culture technology



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