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Anti-disciplinary Workshop at Seoul National University

We organized a workshop with a CogSci(cognitive science) group from Seoul National University.

Prefessor Hongki Kim was the keynote speaker for the event; in his speech, he shared some fundamental philosophical questions associated with convergence and multidisciplinary studies.

The workshop consisted of two main components: one was the practical art and technology workshop organized by Artengine; the other one was more of an academic forum on cognitive science issues associated with the CogSci group.

The Artengine workshop comprised six sub-topics, including new media art, Arduino programming, drama play, computer music composition, and conceptual art performance.

The workshop was available to anyone who registered online, and we also held a networking party, where we provided food and beverages.

Keynote Speech by Hong-Gee Kim

Cognitive Science Seminar

Conceptual Art Workshop

Drama Play Practice

Music Composition Workshop

Art and Technology Seminar

Media Art Practice Workshop

Contemporary Art Performance

Network Party

Curated by Sojung Bahng and Hyunwoong Ko

Managed by Hobin Kim and Wonseok Choi

Supported by Bike Lab and CogSci Group from Seoul National University


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