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PRICKLY: a self-care application for single-person households

Live Alone, Together

PRICKLY is a self-care mobile application for single-person households. We started Prickly because we - people living in single-person households - would like to create a community that supports healthy and independent living during the pandemic and post-pandemic era. We may be living alone, but this does not have to mean lonely living.

The mobile application has three main functions: daily log, challenge and reflection. The daily log helps users easily record their physical and emotional states and track their health conditions. As users fill in daily logs, the app recommends simple challenges to help users maintain their healthy, independent lives. The reflection section allows users to read and respond to ideas about living independently and share their thoughts with other people living alone.

Producer and Project Manager: Hobin Kim

Creative Director and Researcher: Sojung Bahng

Character and UI designer: Aiden Hatcher

UX designer: Jongbin Kim

R&D collaboration: Vicky McArthur, Carleton University


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